How do I create my own burn-in scripts (UEFI PRO)?

The Burn-In function provides the ability to run QuickTech Self Boot  tests automatically in sequence to accommodate more lengthy testing sessions where a longer duration Burn-In or Aging of new or repaired components or new system builds is required. Using the Burn-In mode also saves from tedious manual execution of individual tests.

Burn-In testing can also be used to isolate random or intermittent failures which may only surface during extended testing sessions.

The following is a step-by-step process to create a Burn-In Script:

1. Select Burn-In and press Enter.

2. Select Create a New Script and press Enter.

3. The app will prompt for the Script Name; Enter a name using only alpha-numeric characters and press (Do not use any special characters or spaces)

4. A new blank window will appear. Press Enter to add a test item.



5. Once you press Enter, a new menu will appear on the left. Select an item from the menu and then press Enter.



6. It is highly suggested the first item to add is DISPLAY: Test Run; This will configure the script to show each individual test as it executes. To add this:


Select DISPLAY and then press Enter.


Then select TEST RUN and then press Enter.


7. Now add test items to the script.

Select Test and then press Enter.


Next, select the number of loops the test item shall execute.



Next, select the test component category

8. Finally, select the subtest to perform.


9. You have successfully added a test item. Repeat steps 7 & 8 adding several subtests as needed.


10. To complete the script, make sure the last item added to the script is a saved report log.


Select Results

Now select Save to File (with sysinfo & error details)


Next, enter a filename for the report log.



11. Great work! Now be sure to save the changes to the script by hitting the ESC When prompted hit the Y to save script.





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