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Drives - ATAPI Devices Drives Testing Description -

This function allows you to test up to four installed IDE / SATA CD-ROM; CD-R/W; DVD; Zip, and Jazz drives.  Any speed CD Drive is supported, including the industry’s current fastest drives.  The test interrogates the test ROM directly without requiring the loading of software drivers.

A Note about CD-ROM Drive Speed

A CD-ROM drive manufacturer’s speed rating (i.e. 24x, 40x, etc.) is the maximum speed achieved during one read cycle on a      CD-ROM disc’s outer (longer) tracks. The manufacturer’s speed rating does not mean that the speed is attainable at all times (e.g. the speed is slower when reading a disc’s inner shorter tracks).  CD-ROM drive speed depends on several factors including the drive’s software (CD-ROM driver); Data Caching; its maximum attainable speed, and the actual data on the CD-ROM disc being used for testing.

This test gives a true average speed rating. Its results are based on average drive data tables.  For example, when testing a 60x drive, the test results may indicate a speed of 50x because of the data on the disc being used for testing. However, on the drive’s outer tracks the throughput will be higher.


The test interrogates the drive and, after about 30 seconds, begins displaying the results.

The test checks the drive’s data transfer rate for the inner and outer tracks; extreme seek time (seek time from the outermost to innermost tracks); average seek time, and the drive’s speed.  Check the results against the CD drive manufacturer’s specifications if you suspect a problem.

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