How to modify the QuickCAST Server UEFI Mode default boot menu?

To modify the QuickCAST Server Legacy Mode default boot menu:

1. Navigate to c:\uxd

2. Open the al.php file with notepad.

3. To add a new menu option requires a single line of code:

item optionlabel MenuLabel


item wpeboot Windows PE Mode

4. We need to specify what happens when the menu item is selected. This requires 3 additional lines of code:

chain tftp://IP_Address/FILENAME-TO-BOOT
boot || goto start

To modify for our example from step 3:

chain tftp://
boot || goto start


Additional items to note:

Use the line item below to specify the menu title

menu Ultra-X QuickCAST Server UEFI Script Menu


Use the line item below to provide a vertical space gap between each line item

item --gap



That's it! It really is that simple.

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