How to modify the QuickCAST Server Legacy Mode default boot menu?

To modify the QuickCAST Server Legacy Mode default boot menu:

1. Navigate to c:\uxd\pxelinux.cfg folder

The PXELINUX.CFG folder is where all the Legacy Mode boot menu(s) are stored.


2. To edit the default main menu, open MENU with notepad.

3. Once the file is open, scroll down until you see the first menu option. In this example, the first menu option is Windows PE Mode:

label 0.1
menu label Quick Assessment
text help
Test Core System Components.
kernel syslinux\memdisk
append initrd=diag\qck.imz keeppxe


4. Let's assume you would like the first menu option changed from Quick Assessment to  Dell Laptops. To do this:

a. Change

menu label Quick Assessment


menu label Dell Laptops


b. Change the description

Test Core System Components.


Test Dell Laptops


c. Change the diagnostic image

append initrd=diag\qck.imz keeppxe


append initrd=diag\delllaptops.imz keeppxe



That's it! It really is that simple.


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