S.M.A.R.T. Attributes Table (supported by ATP M.2 2260 Drives)

Attribute ID Description
1 Raw Read Error Count 

Reallocated Sectors Count


Power On Hours

12 Normal Power On/Off count
14 Device Physical Capacity
15 Device User Capacity
16 Initial Spare blocks
17 Remaining Spare Blocks at Current Time
100 Total Erase Count
160 Uncorrectable Sector Count When Read/Write
172 Total Block Erase Failure
173 Maximum Erase Count
174 Unexpected Power Loss Count
175 Average Erase Count
181 Total Block Program Failure

Reported Uncorrectable Errors 


Device Temperature

195 Hardware ECC Recovered
197 Current Pending Block Count
198 Offline Surface Scan (0xC6)
199 SATA FIS CRC Errors
202 Percentage of Drive Life Used
205 Thermal Asperity Rate (TAR)
231 Controller Temperature
234 Total Sectors Read from NAND Flash
235 Total Host Sectors Written to Device
241 Total NAND Sectors Written to NAND Flash
242 Total Bytes Read from Device (32MB/unit)
248 Remaining Life %

Spare Block Remaining


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