S.M.A.R.T. Attributes Table (supported by Samsung PM883 Drives)

Attribute Description
5 Reallocated Sector Count
9 Power-on Hours
12 Power-on Count
177 Wear Leveling Count
179 Used Reserved Block Count (total)
180 Unused Reserved Block Count (total)

Program Fail Count (total)

182 Erase Fail Count (total)
183 Runtime Bad Count (total)
184 End to End Error data path Error Count
187 Uncorrectable Error Count
190 Air Flow Temperature
194 Temperature
195 ECC Error Rate
197 Pending Sector Count
199 CRC Error Count
202 SSD Mode Status
235 Power Recovery Count
241 Total LBA Written
242 Total LBA Read
243 SATA Downshift Control
244 Thermal Throttle Status
245 Timed Workload Media Wear
246 Timed Workload Host Read / Write Ratio
247 Timed Workload Timer
251 NAND Writes


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