S.M.A.R.T. Attributes Table (supported by Intel SSD Drives)

4 4 Start/Stop Count
5 5 Re-allocated Sector Count
9 9 Power-On Hours Count
0C 12 Power Cycle Count
AA 170 Available Reserved Space
AB 171 Program Fail Count
AC 172 Erase Fail Count
B7 183 SATA Downshift Count
B8 184 End-to-End Error Detection Count
BB 187 Uncorrectable Error Count
BE 190 Temperature - Airflow (Case)
C0 192 Unsafe Shutdown Count (Power-off Retract Count)
C2 194 Temperature - Device Internal
C7 199 CRC Error Count
E1 225 Host Writes
E2 226 Timed Workload, Media Wear
E3 227 Timed Workload, Host Read/Write Ratio
E4 228 Timed Workload Timer
E8 232 Available Reserved Space
E9 233 Media Wearout Indicator
F1 241 Total LBAs Written
F2 242 Total LBAs Read


Referenced from Intel ARK

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