S.M.A.R.T. Attributes Table (supported by WDC Drives)

Attribute Attribute ID Number Attribute ID Number (Hex) Pre-Failure/Advisory Bit
(status flags bit 0)
Read Error Rate 1 1 Set
Spin-up Time 3 3 Set
Start/Stop Count 4 4 Clear
Re-allocated Sector Count 5 5 Set
Seek Error Rate 7 7 Set
Power-on Hours Count 9 9 Clear
Spin-up Retry Count 10 A Set
Drive Calibration Retry Count 11 B Set
Drive Power Cycle Count 12 C Clear
Emergency Retract Count 192 C0 Clear
Load/Unload Count 193 C1 Clear
HDA Temperature 194 C2 Clear
Relocation Event Count 196 C4 Clear
Current Pending Sector Count 197 C5 Clear
Off-line Scan Uncorrectable Sector Count 198 C6 Clear
Ultra DMA CRC Error Rate 199 C7 Clear
Multi-zone Error Rate 200 C8 Set


Referenced from WDC Answer ID 1087

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