HOW TO: Improve Performance, Protection and Privacy with PC Optimizer


Technicians know time directly correlates to money. If you’re wasting time with manual and tedious processes then you’re also losing money. With PC Optimizer, we help you save time to maximize money.


PC Optimizer was designed to perform several tasks automatically and when complete, provides a professional customer friendly report with details designed to up-sell your clients and help your bottom line.


PC Optimizer attempts to reclaim valuable disk space by cleaning junk files, unneeded temporary files, cleaning Windows caches and more. It will also clean Microsoft Edge, Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser history, cookies, cache, and other browser data to protect the user’s privacy.

To help with system performance, PC Optimizer will perform a disk defrag (if threshold is met), set power mode to high performance and attempt to disable or delay known startup applications to reduce Windows boot time. Lastly, a malware scan will perform a complete system scan, identifying potentially unwanted programs and removing malicious objects such as spyware, adware, ransomware, rootkits, viruses and other malware related items.


Set PC Optimization to run and walk away. Come back in as little as 45 minutes with a complete, customer-ready report, designed to focus on necessary improvement products and services offered from your shop.

How do I run PC Optimizer?

It's simple, launch the PC Optimizer application from the CloudOne Toolkit and click the automated mode button. That's it! It really is that simple :)


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