HOW TO: Immediately Increase Sales with Multi-Point Assessment

Have you tried the CloudOne Multi-point Assessment yet?

This tool is great for maximizing up-sell opportunities while a customer’s PC is in your care.
What is the Multi-Point Assessment?
The CloudOne Toolkit comes with a tool called Multi-point Assessment. This tool runs directly on the customer’s PC and takes less than 30 seconds to scan. The Multi-point Assessment will scan the system and provide a brief and customer friendly report providing a summary of 6 categories:

Visual Inspection
Provides feedback on any cosmetic damage, loose hardware or missing screw, dust build-up, worn cables, loose ac input jack and more.


Security Protection
Provides suggestions regarding virus and firewall protection and checks if Internet Protection software is installed and definitions current.

Provides suggestions to help increase performance such as upgrading to an SSD drive, adding additional memory/ram, reclaiming disk space and more.

System Reliability
Identifies any abnormal system faults or critical application failures from the windows event log that may provide clues on hardware instability and degradation.

Installed Software
Identifies if Windows Updates are enabled and recommends software such as cloud backup,Microsoft Office, and more.

Windows 10 Preparedness
Identifies if the system provides the best Microsoft Windows experience by highlighting certain hardware specific items such as Touch Screen, Microphone (for Cortana) and more.


How will this tool help me make money?

Let's be honest...Most technicians don't make good sales staff, however, the Multi-Point Assessment tool is a great way to transform technicians into sales superstars! How can my geeky technician make such a transformation you may ask? It's easier than you both think.

The Multi-Point Assessment performs a very quick scan on the customers machine and then generates a customer friendly report similar to that you get when you take your car into the dealer for service. The technician simply reiterates whats already being displayed in the report together with the customer during/before the checkout procedure. I told you it was easy :)

Now, be sure Technicians run the assessment tool on every computer that comes into the shop. In fact, some of our clients tell us they even offer the Multi-Point Assessment at no charge to help bring in business and differentiate from their local competition. Whatever creative method you come up with, just be sure to maximize your potential sales opportunities.



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