HOW TO: Increase Profit Margins with Ultra-X Total Security End User Protection

Introducing the CloudOne reseller access to Ultra-X Security Protection

CloudOne Malware Removal software is powered by the #1 award-winning Windows security leader for the last 5 years. We have licensed that same award-winning Security Protection software and re-branded with the Ultra-X brand. Why would we do such a thing? We did it to help our customers maintain that competitive advantage and make a little extra $$.

Why should I resell Ultra-X Total Security over the traditional 3rd party brands?
With the ease of internet access, customers can easily compare traditional 3rd party pricing in real-time from Amazon, Newegg, Jet and more. This means lower sales margins for you. On the flip side, you can chose to offer the powerful security protection technology being used in the shop to remove the infections the customer received in the first place. In addition, customers cannot bargain hunt for Ultra-X Total Security since it is only available via CloudOne subscribers and not to the general public.

I'm listening, tell me how much can I resell Ultra-X Total Security for?
Ultra-X Total Security for Windows costs only $20 each license per year. You on the other-hand, can choose your own markup since customers cannot bargain hunt for Ultra-X Total Security as it is not available to the general public.

Is Ultra-X Total Security comparable to traditional 3rd party brands?
Yes. Ultra-X Total Security offers the same internet protection and full features that the leading security companies offer.

How much can I resell Ultra-X Total Security for?
We leave this up to you :)

Where do I download the software?
Download using the links below. You can also download directly from the CloudOne Dashboard.

32-bit Download
64-bit Download

How do I buy licenses?

You can purchase license keys directly from the Ultra-X web store using the link below:

Buy $20 Total Security License


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