Ultra-X PC Diagnostics Latest Product Versions

Last updated 03/20/2019 @ 03:01pm PST

Product Name Version
 CloudOne Toolkit USB 2.19.0211
 CloudOne Toolkit 2.19.0128
 Data Recovery Build 18.161
 Data Transfer Build 18.179
 Disk Analyzer Build 18.1000
 Malware Scanner Engine UAV Build 1211
 PC Inspector Build 18.175
 PC Optimizer Build 18.483
 RAM Stress Test Premium Legacy v10 / UEFI v1.2 Build 172
 QuickCAST Server Cloud Build 18.0131
 QuickCAST Server On-Premise C1.8.7.12-S4.7.12.9
 QuickTech Self Boot for Apple U2.5.1R2
 QuickTech Self Boot for PC L10/U2.5.1R2
 QuickTech Windows
 WinStress Test PRO3 v3 Build 19.169


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