How to: QuickCAST Server Windows Installation Deployment


QuickCAST Server Windows Installation Deployment


Windows Installation integration is simple with our pre-configured setup. All that is required on your side is to provide the Windows Installation media.

The sample below is based on Windows ISO media. (Windows 8.1 with Update 32bit en_windows_8.1_with_update_x86_dvd_6051550.iso)

1. Copy the Windows Installation ISO to the downloads folder
2. Double click on the Windows ISO. This will open the ISO and create a virtual drive providing a drive letter.
3. Open the virtual drive containing the Windows Install files.

4. Copy all the files to the corresponding folder located in c:\uxd
In this example, the media contains Windows 8.1 32bit so we will copy the files to: C:\uxd\win8_132
NOTE: The c:\uxd folder already contains all the folders for each Windows version.

5. Once the files are copied, you may boot a System Under Test.
6. From the boot menu, select Advanced Tools

7. From the Advanced Tools menu, select Windows PE​​

8. Wait a few seconds (~10-30 seconds) then a architecture boot menu will appear. Select the architecture and then press [Enter] to continue.

9. Wait for the WinPE image to load and fully initialize

​10. At the main menu, select option 2
NOTE: Option 1 should only be used for WinXP

11. At the Windows Install menu, select a Windows Version.

12. Next, choose the Windows edition

13. ​The Windows Install process will now begin. Follow the typical Windows setup onscreen instructions.

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