I get a message - "No QuickTech USB hardware detected" when I run the QuickTech Updater


When I run the QuickTech Updater application, I get the error message:



1. Be sure the QuickTech Self-Boot hardware (PRO/Premium) is connected and a drive letter has been assigned to the USB drive before launching the updater.

2. If possible try not to use a USB extension cable. If you must use a USB extension cable, please use a short 4 to 6 inch extension cable.

3. If possible, try not to use a USB 3.0 port. If you must use a USB 3.0 port, please use an available USB port from the rear of the computer (Desktops).

4. Be sure that you your AV protection is disabled or restart the computer into SAFE MODE WITH NETWORKING and then retry the updater.



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    Tom Finnegan


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