How do I create my own custom burn-in script for Network Deployment?

To create or modify a script for QuickTech Self Boot (Pro/Premium) Network Image

    1. Download WinImage -
    2. Install and then launch WinImage
    3. Locate and Open the image(.IMZ) you want to modify

4. Insert a clean floppy disk into the floppy drive

5. Click Disk, make sure the Floppy drive is selected and then select format and write.

    1. Boot the floppy disk.
    2. Hit ESC to abort burn-in script
    3. Select BurnIn, then Edit
    4. Scroll to the test you want to remove and hit DEL
    5. To add a new item, hit the ENTER key
    6. When all changes complete, hit ESC to the main menu
    7. Select BURNIN, then select AUTO
    8. Remove disk and take back to WinImage.
    9. Select File, then Read Disk

  1. Save as new IMZ
  2. Copy the IMZ to the DDR folder where other IMZ are located.
  3. If same IMZ name as previous, then no changes needed to menu.
  4. If different IMZ, then will have to add this to the menu
      1. Locate a file name MENU found in PXELINUX.CFG folder
      2. Open MENU with notepad
      3. locate the menu item you want to change
      4. rename the IMZ as shown in the image below


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