Ultra-X diagnostics identifies errors but my other software diagnostic packages don't?

Many customers utilize various diagnostic test software packages.

At times these packages will report different results.

Ultra-X's advantage over competitive products is a combination of three items:

  • Ultra-X QuickTech Self Boot diagnostics are completely Operating System independent. This means no DOS or DOS derivative, no Linux and no Windows. Ultra-X diagnostics perform in the cleanest environment possible; This translates into providing the most accurate test results.
  • Ultra-X diagnostics utilize proprietary test methodologies. We develop custom proprietary test methods from failure analysis on defective components.
  • Ultra-X continually updates the product  line, releasing a minimum of two updates a year.

We strive to be the best hence; we detect defective hardware problems that other packages do not.

If at any time you require further assistance, please call our technical support dept.

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