How to modify the look and feel of the report output file?

To modify the output report:

1. Navigate to the UXDB report template folder
C:\Program Files (x86)\UX\UXDB\templates

2. Select the template folder to modify:

  • For QuickTech HD Clean, select temperase folder
  • For QuickTech Premium, select tempselfboot folder
  • For QuickTech Windows, select tempwindows folder

3. For this example we will select the tempselfboot folder.

4. Inside this folder you will see the XSL, Images, and CSS stylesheets. Modify to your preference. For users who simply want to change the ux logo and replace with their own, create a PNG image with 940x85 pixels and save to the folder as logo.png. When prompted to overwrite, click yes.


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