Customer Scan (Multi-Point Assessment)

The Customer Scan Module performs a quick multi-point assessment/snapshot of the current health and overall status of the device.

To perform a multi-point customer scan on a customer’s machine:

  1. Click the Customer Scan button from the navigation menu
  2. Click the Launch button
  3. When prompted, click the save button. (If using Microsoft Edge or Explorer, then you can click run and skip to step 5)
  4. Once downloaded, launch the MSI
  5. The program will begin a quick configuration process and then prompt for a visual inspection. Select as needed and then click the continue button.


  1. The collection process will take under a minute to complete


  1. When the scan process is complete, a report will generate on the client PC and open in the default browser.



Overall Rank

The rank is a grade on a 100-point scale that represents your current device condition. A rank lower than 70 means that there are a lot of areas to improve. A rank above 80 is a good mark and means that your device is well optimized.


Category Rank

Category rank consist of the six main categories: Visual Inspection, Security, Performance, Reliability, Installed Software and Windows 10 Preparedness. Each category has an individual rank which combined totals the overall rank.


Category Detail Buttons

The Category detail buttons serve as navigation shortcuts which when selected, will scroll automatically to the corresponding category.


Category Subsection Details

Each main category consists of several subsection items. Only subsection items that require attention will be displayed.

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