Creating a USB – Diagnostics & Malware Removal for Windows Machines

To create a CloudOne USB Toolkit:

  1. Launch the USB Creator from by clicking the desktop shortcut


  1. The welcome screen will display and prompt to insert a 4gb or larger (8gb recommended) USB flash drive. Click the Start button to continue.



  1. Next, select the corresponding USB drive from the list. Please note that any and all data on this USB will be permanently deleted.




  1. Enter the username and password to validate the account.



  1. Finally, review your account status and company information, then click the continue button.





  1. The USB creation process will immediately begin and may take some time to complete. Please be patient.



  1. Once the USB creation process completes, a successful notification will appear. You can now click exit and remove the USB. If you need to create additional USB’s, you may do so by repeating the steps.



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