CloudOne ToolKit USB – Windows Mode

The CloudOne Toolkit USB is a multi-purpose tool containing several tools and utilities used for visually identifying potential issues, diagnosing and even detecting and removing malware.

To use the CloudOne USB Toolkit in Windows Mode:

  1. Insert the USB into any available USB port
  2. Open/View the USB drive contents using Windows File Explorer


  1. Double click to launch the CloudOne.exe application
  2. CloudOne will automatically detect the system serial number and then auto-populate the Serial Number prompt. You may use this prompt as a reference field, entering any value such as an asset number, service request order, customer name, etc.. Click the Continue button to continue.


  1. A new window will appear with a single SCAN button. Click the scan button to perform a brief 10-20 second scan on the system.


  1. The autoscan will perform a brief scan on the system, identifying battery health, disk health, windows updates, available disk space, disabled devices and security protection status. To bypass this scan, click the Technician mode.


  1. Once the autoscan is complete the main CloudOne Technician Console will display.

1. Serial Number, Brand, Model and Windows Version
2. Internet Access and Battery Health Indicators
3. Hardware Warning

    If the button is green – no critical system events have been detected

    If the button is red – one or more thresholds have been met. It is recommended to click the button to       View System Event Calendar.

    The System Event calendar

4. Disabled Hardware

    If the button is green – no disabled devices have been detected

    If the button is red – one or more devices are disabled or are having a possible driver issue. Click this     button to automatically launch the Windows Hardware Troubleshooter.

 Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the troubleshooter

5. Virus & Malware Protection Status

    If the button is green – the current Antivirus protection is in good status

    If the button is red – there is no Antivirus protection present or is expired. Click this button to open the     Windows Security Center.

6. Firewall Protection Status

    If the button is green – the current Firewall protection is in good status

    If the button is red – there is no Firewall protection present or is Disabled. Click this button to open the     Windows Security Center.

7. Create Backup & Restore Media

     Click this button to open Windows Backup Media Creator


8. Windows Updates

    If the button is green – Windows Update status is currently ok.

    If the button is yellow – A few Windows Updates are available.

    If the button is red – There are several Windows Updates available and it is encouraged to install         immediately. Click this button to open the Windows Update panel.


9. Action Center Messages

    If the button is green – There are no active Action Center Messages

    If the button is yellow – One or more Action Center Messages are available. Click the button to view     the message.


10. Available Disk Space

     If the button is green – Current available disk space on the primary HDD is sufficient

     If the button is yellow – Current available disk space is low. Click the button to open Disk Management.


11. Driver & BIOS Updates Link

     Provides access to Ultra-X support website where you can locate the vendor support site.

12. Diagnostics Tab

     Provides access to the built in QuickTech Windows Diagnostics tool.

     Select from preconfigured scripts from defined categories:

  • By Symptom
  • By Form-Factor
  • Misc Scripts – By default tthis section is empty and intended for any custom scripts you make. Add your script files to the folder [USBDriveLetter]:\diags\scripts\misc                                         Once added, the MISC SCRIPT menu will auto populate with the script filename.
  • Individual Tests


13. Windows Tools Tab

Select from 8 most commonly used Windows Tools

  • System Maintenance
  • System Restore
  • Disk Defrag
  • Health Report
  • Performance Details
  • User Accounts
  • UAC Settings
  • System File Checker
  • Disk Cleanup
  • Uninstall Programs
  • Action Center


14. Malware Scanner Tab

A comprehensive scanner designed to identify and remove viruses, spyware, adware, rootkits and other malicious objects. Click Launch to open the Malware Scanner.

15. Bootable Offline Tab

In order to provide the most accurate hardware diagnostic and malware scan, it is recommended for the client OS to be shutdown so that any active malware will be dormant, making it easier to identify and remove. To use this feature, restart the computer and boot directly to the USB drive.

16. Documentation

17. Exit Application





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