Norton BRT Scanner

Integrate Norton Offline Scanner with QuickCAST Premium

1.    Go to the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool Page

2.    Download the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool
3.    Take the NBRT Downloader to a system that has internet
       This does not need to be the QuickCAST system.

4.    Run the NBRT Downloader.
       Review the EULA and proceed as necessary.
       The Norton Download Manager will download the setup files for NBRT.

5.    The NBRT will start the installation process. Once it completes, you will see a successful message. Click on Finish.

6.     Now Start the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool Wizard
         •    This may be a shortcut on the desktop
         •    This may be in the start menu

7.     Select Create ISO file option.

8. The next window will display the file location, option to add drivers, etc.. Click next.

9. The file will create. When complete, the window will display completed.

10. Exit the program.
11. Next, open file explorer and locate c:\NBRT.ISO and copy to C:\uxd

12. Finally, open c:\uxd\pxdlinux.cfg folder and open tools in notepad

13. Create a new label entry and paste the following entry:

label 0.9

menu label Norton NBRT
text help
     Norton Bootable Malware Scanner
kernel syslinux\memdisk
initrd nbrt.iso
append iso raw


14. Done!

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