Support Services – Diagnostics & Malware Removal for Windows Machines

The System Diagnostic Module performs a rigorous hardware inspection for Android or Windows based devices. For machines that fail to boot, technicians can boot directly to the USB itself.

To download the USB Creator for Windows Machines:

  1. Click the Support Services button from the navigation menu
  2. Click the Windows icon under System Diagnostic


  1. You will be redirected to a download link. Download the USB Creator package.
  2. Once downloaded, launch the USB Creator setup package.
  3. The self-extracting USB Creator setup file will begin extraction. Please be patient as this will take a few minutes to complete.


  1. Once the extraction process is complete, a new shortcut will be available on the desktop.


  1. Double click this shortcut to begin the USB Creation process. Follow the onscreen instructions as needed.

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