UAV Total Security found an infection. What to do?


UAV Total Security found an infection. What to do?



When UAV Total Security detects an infection, it will take automatic action for the detected malware.

Some malware will have to be cleaned when Windows starts and for this situation, we recommend you to run a System scan on that computer.

In order to do that please first update UAV Total Security to be sure you have the latest virus signatures: open the main interface using the UX icon from your desktop. Click the Update button from the main UAV Total Security interface.

After the update is complete, please run a System Scan:
  1. At the Protection panel, go to the Antivirus module where you should have the System Scan.
  2. At the end of the scan, a scan log will be generated; all detected and resolved items will be stored in it.


If infected files are still found on the system (and they haven't been resolved by the UAV Total Security scan) please generate a scan log and send it to the Support Team.
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