Integration: How to auto-deploy CloudOne with LogMeIn Rescue?


Integration: How to auto-deploy CloudOne with LogMeIn Rescue?



Follow the two part process below to setup and deploy CloudOne with LMI Rescue.

One Time Setup:

1. The Admin will need to log into the LMI Rescue Administration Center

2. Once logged in, click the Global Settings tab

3. Look for Centralized Scripts and select the Manage Centralized Scripts text link.

4. Click New Collection

5. Enter a name for the script collection, then click Create.

6. Click Add Script from the top right

7. Fill out the Name & Description fields

8. Under Start script, click the option Manually through deploy

9. Under Platforms, click the option Win

10. Under Script file, click the option URL and then insert your public URL:


11. Under Resource file, click the option URL and then insert the following URL:

Note: Options 10 & 11 allow the script and main exe file to be stored on your public cloud for easy deployment to all LMI Rescue Technicians/agents. It also ensures each technician support rep always utilizes the latest file(s).

12. Click Save

13. Be sure to Assign Script Collections to Technician Groups. This setting can be found under settings.

14. This completes the setup / configuration process.


Support Technician Process

1. Technician connects to end user via LMI Rescue

2. Technician clicks the Scripts button

3. A new window will appear with list of scripts

  • Click the down arrow to expand the CloudOne option
  • Click the script name “CloudOne”
  • A Deploy button will appear. Click to start the process.


4. To the right, a status box will display

5. The CloudOne unattended mode will begin – no additional input from Technician is required until process is complete.


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