How do I update the LM Mode Virus/Malware definitions?


How do I update the Linux Mode Virus/Malware definitions?



If the hardware is supported (driver found for the unit under test), then you can update the malware definitions directly from the UAV application.

1. Boot into the UAV USB Linux Mode

2. Click the cancel button to abort the automated scan.

3. The main menu will appear.

4. At this point, click the bottom right computer network icon

5. Select the wifi network ssid

6. You will be prompted for a password. Enter the password and then click Connect

7. Once the wifi is connected, a message will display on the top right

8. Next, click Update Now button

9. The updates will automatically begin to download

10. Once the updates have downloaded and installed, a message will display.


11. Click the close button to close the update window.

11. Now click the Scan Now button


12. Select a drive to scan from the left, then click open

13. The scanner will now begin scanning the drive.

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