CloudOne - Automated Service Bot Overview

CloudOne - Automated Service Bot Overview

We've automated the most common maintenance services to provide a single one-click service. Once the service completes, a professional customer-friendly report will be immediately available for review allowing for additional up-sell opportunities.


To launch the Automated Service Bot:

1. Click the Automated Service Bot option from the tool list on the right


2. The Automated Service Bot window will appear and briefly describe the high level process. Click Continue to immediately begin the automated service process.


3. The Automated Service will take some significant time to complete as it will scan the system logs,  reclaim disk space, clean browser cache, cookies history and more, perform a disk defrag, uninstall PuPs, and scan for malware related files, applications and objects. Systems with a near full disk drive usually takes 1-3 hours to complete.

The Automated Service process doesn't require any user interaction, so you can come back and check status every 45m if needed.


3. When the Automated Service is complete, a new windows will display confirming the completion success and providing the options to view the report, launch PC Optimizer or exit the app.


4. To view the report, click on the View Report button or click on the shortcut icon created on the desktop.

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