Which CloudOne Toolkit should I use?


Which CloudOne Toolkit should I use, v1 or v2?



Below is a cheat sheet separated by Toolkit version:


Use CloudOne v1 USB Toolkit for:

Bootable Deep Scanning of Malware

Boot directly to the USB
Run the Malware Scan Option

Bootable Offline Diagnostics Boot directly to the USB
Run the Diagnostic Option
In-Home Service w/o Internet Access In Windows OS, insert CloudOne Toolkit USB
Run CloudOne.exe


Use CloudOne v2 USB Toolkit for:

Visually Confirming Customer Symptoms Select System Event Calendar
Performing Automated Service Select the Automated Service Bot
Performing a Multi-Point Assessment Select Multi-Point Assessment
PC Optimization / Tune-Up Select PC Optimizer
Quick Scanning of Malware Select Malware Scanner
Quick Hardware Diagnostics Select script from Hardware Diagnostics
Stress Testing Hardware Select  script from Stress Test
Reclaiming Maximum Disk Space Select Disk Analyzer
Remote Clients Download or copy and paste the CloudOne Toolkit to the remote client and run tools as needed
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