How do I update the UX Database?


How do I update the UX Database



1. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\UX\UXDB
2. Copy the UXDB folder and label as UXDB-OLD. (We will need to copy your db files and templates folder to the new UXDB once we install the new version.)
3. Use the Windows uninstall function to uninstall the UXDB

4. Follow uninstall instructions onscreen.
5. Download the latest UXDB app

6. Run the downloaded exe (it will extract and run the install wizard)
7. Follow the setup instructions onscreen.
8. Once installed, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\UX\UXDB-OLD
9. Locate any/all file *.db and .db3 files (also template folders if you changed.)

10. Copy these files to the new C:\Program Files (x86)\UX\UXDB (overwrite as needed)

NOTE: you may be prompted that you cannot copy these files bc the service is running.
In this case you will need to open Windows Services
Click the Windows Start button then type services.msc and hit enter
Scroll down and locate Ultra-X Data Warehousing Tool service.
Click the STOP service text button
Now continue back to step 10.
Be sure to RESTART the service once the files are copied.

11. Once the files have been successfully copied, launch the DB (GUI mode from desktop shortcut)

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