How do I prepare QuickCAST Server for Windows Installation?


How do I prepare QuickCAST Server for Windows Installation?



To configure QuickCAST Server for Windows Installation:

1. Be sure you have the basic QuickCAST Server configuration in place and working (Deployment is working, etc.).

2. Confirm the Computer Name is set to UXSVR

3. Confirm the QCUSR account is enabled and has the password set according to the user guide.

4. Confirm the c:\uxd folder is shared and that the QCUSR account has read privileges enabled.

5. If you are using QuickCAST Server v1.6.11.4 with Service version or newer:

a) Setup the Boot Order configuration to use the undionly.kpxe option

b) Ensure the HTTP service is enabled

c) If your QuickCAST Server is not using the default IP configuration (, then you must also edit each of the menu files as described in the support link below:


6. Once all configurations have been set, deploy to a test unit and follow the onscreen instructions.


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