QuickCAST Server On-Premise Software / Appliance Setup Intructions


1. Insert Power adapter into outlet and then connect to the QuickCAST Server AC Port

2. Locate the QuickCAST Server license USB. Connect the USB to the QuickCAST Server using the included 8 inch USB extension cable.

3. Connect an HDMI cable from QuickCAST Server HDMI Port to a monitor

4. Finally, Insert the keyboard and mouse to the available USB ports

5. Press the power button on the front of the QuickCAST Server Appliance



6. Windows will boot. At the login screen, select the QCUSR account and then enter ultrax (all lowercase as the password)

7. Once you are signed in, QuickCAST Server will attempt to start. Click the OK button to continue.



8. If the deployment service is stopped, it will prompt to restart the service. Click YES.

9. Once the service is started, check the bottom right and check the Server state status. It should be green with a text message that states: Online.



10. You may now proceed to network boot a machine for testing.


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