How to uninstall / remove QuickCAST Server service?


How to uninstall / remove QuickCAST Server service?



Before you can install any QuickCAST Server update you must first remove / uninstall the QuickCAST Server service.

To uninstall the current QuickCAST Server service:

1. Launch the QuickCAST Server application from the installed folder (c:\qcserver\qcclient.exe)

2. On the bottom right of the application you will see the server state: Online (Service Running)

3. Right click the blue text link

4. A prompt will appear confirming removal of the service, click yes to continue.

5. Once the service is removed the service state will show a red box and display Offline.

6. The service is now removed. You may now rename the c:\qcserver folder to c:\qcserverOLD or delete as needed.

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